Intersession 2017 will be held January 24-26.  In this special week we will take a break from regular classes and explore special topics.  Class descriptions are listed below.

Students will request classes during the first week in January.  Students will be placed in one of their top ten choices and one class assigned randomly.  Students will find out their classes the week before Intersession. Requests for changes will not be considered.

Parents/community members who would like to volunteer to help during Intersession are welcome.  Please contact Brenda Butler at

Course Title

Course Description

Annie Jr. Cast Rehearsal

Annie Jr! This intersession class is intended for students who are involved in the cast of the musical.

Annie Jr. Pit Orchestra

Rehearsal for the pit orchestra for Annie Jr. You MUST request this class as your first choice if you are in pit orchestra. DO NOT request this class if you are not in pit orchestra.

Board Games Galore

Come and play a variety of board games, from new trendy games to the old classic favorites. As an option, you can put your creative energy to use by creating your own board game to be played and then take it home !!


Have you ever wanted to make your own book from start to finish? In this creative course you will make at least three hand-bound books that you can fill with stories, pictures, art, memories…whatever you’d like! Over two days we will learn about the basic materials (paper, cloth, adhesives) and techniques (folding, sewing, gluing) of book making, and have lots of time to create. This is the same class as last year so please don't sign up if you have already taken it.

Bracelets for Funds

Feel passionate about fundraising for our school AND crafts? Attend Bracelets for Funds to make friendship-style bracelets that will be sold at school events to raise funds for our school. Students will make a couple different types of bracelet over the course of two days.

Brains Vs. Brawn: Ancient Warfare

Students will learn how to do social swing dance moves, along with the possible addition of

Candle Making

Do you like candles? Did you ever wonder how they are made? Then this class is for you. You will choose the colors and scents. They make great gifts.

Cardboard Carnival Games

This is an opportuity to create your favorite workable carnival game out of cardboard. You will use the design process to create your favorite carnival game and actually have kids use it. You will use cardboard, duct tape, hot glue and scissors to design your workable game to create our own carnival.

Chess: Beginning

If you are new to Chess or always wanted to try Chess, this class is just for you! We will learn the very basics, at a nice pace, of Chess. You'll play related chess games to learn each piece and their importance to this internationally played game. It's fun and one feels intelligent when playing, even when you are not victorious; what could be better than that?!

Chess: Tourney

Tournament Chess is for students who have mastered the fundamentals of the game and are ready to complete against their peers. If you have the warrior spirit and you want to outwit your opponent with your mind then tournament chess is for you. “That’s what Chess is all about. One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you one” (Bobby Fischer)

Cocoa and Coffee

It is COLD outside. Would you like to warm up with a tasty beverage? Join the Cocoa and Coffee class. We will be learning about the history and evolution of these wonderful drinks and then visiting nearby establishments to listen to the experts and sample their concoctions. We will even practice making our own samples. Yum!

College Bound!

Are you bound for college...but not sure what that means? Sign up for this session to learn some basic terms about college and check out different colleges/universities online. You will also have time to write to a college of your choice and ask them for information and swag from their school.

Color Me Calm

Are you looking for peace and quiet? Are you in need of strategies to help become calm and stay relaxed? In this stress free zone it's okay to color outside the lines. According to the experts, coloring and focusing on this harmless and calming activity can actually turn feelings of anxiety and stress down, and let your brain have some much needed rest and relaxation. We will have special music and take our pulse before, during, and after our time together to prove that coloring works!

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake decorating class will consist of learning how to assemble and use different piping tips, researching flavor combinations, decorating techniques, and a Cupcake Wars competition with a panel of judges to taste test. Students with any food-related allergies should not participate in this class. Students may not repeat this class if they participated last year.

Dissection 101

In this science class students will be introduced to the art and process of dissection. Students will develop their observation and dissection skills by investigating several preserved organisms - an earthworm, a grasshopper, a crayfish, and a squid!

Dissection 101

In this science class students will be introduced to the art and process of dissection. Students will develop their observation and dissection skills by investigating several preserved organisms - an earthworm, a grasshopper, a crayfish, and a squid!

DIY Spa Gifts

In this class, we will be making our own spa themed gifts like: lip gloss, sugar scrubs, etc. We will learn about natural ingredients and how to start your own business. We will use basic ingredients, learn how to read and follow a recipe/instructions, take measurements, and package our gifts in a professional yet easy to do way so that you can make them on your own at home in the future!

Dodge Ball

Variations of dodge ball! Come play: scrum, trench and germs and medics!
Plan to play hard, sweat and have some fun!

Easy Recipes to Impress Your Friends and Family

Guacamole, cheesecake, energy bites, and more! We will prepare sweet and savory recipes from scratch, having fun with lots of different ingredients and variations. Your friends and family will be impressed with what you learn!

FARKLE! A goofy name for a dice game.

Farkle may be a goofy name for a dice game, but you need to be strategic to win! In this class, we will: learn the rules of the game, explore different strategies to get the greatest amount of points, and play the game! You will also create a game rule sheet an leave with your very own set of dice so you can teach Farkle to your friends or family!

From compassion to action

Join in two days of giving back to our local and global community. We will visit Feed My Starving Children on the first day to pack meals for those in need. We will spend a second day within our neighborhood volunteering and giving back to the Mpls community.

Get to know your Peers in the DCD program

Join the great students in the DCD classroom for games, a cooking activity, a discussion on abilities and discovering the things we all have in common! The class will watch a short video created by Roosevelt HS's students in the DCD program and we will talk about what a similar video might look like at Ramsey.


This class is for students with little to no experience playing the guitar. Students will learn the basics of guitar hold, strum patterns and a few basic chords to play many popular songs.

History Day Lab

***7th grade only***
Do you want time to continue creating your History Day project? In this class you will have the time, space, and technology to continue building your website, documentary, exhibit board, or performance. You will have access to EXTRA feedback and mentors to pinpoint what you need to do to strengthen your final project.

Homemade Remote Control Cars

Learn how to build a remote control car from common items! Students will build, test, and improve their cars as well learn about electricity and building circuits. Each student will take their car home at the end of the class!

Intersession Highlights (Video Journalism)

In this course, students will become video journalist. They will work in teams to create stories highlighting the many activities students are involved in during Intersession. Students will interview, record, and edit video stories.

Knitting With Purpose

Do you knit or would you like to learn how to knit? In this course, you will start a knitting project and also learn ways that you can help others and our community through knitting. Students who have taken this course are welcome to register.

Let's Motivate!

How do you learn about the realities of life and how to negotiate the challenges you face? Join us to learn insights about how to see different perspectives, learn about yourselves, and make good choices.

Marathon Mural Painting

Students will spend all day painting and contributing to our first Ramsey Mural by the lower gym! Want to learn more painting skills and be part of a visual legacy for our school that will last for generations? Join this class! NOTE: If you are in this class it will be the only Intersession class you take.

Mental Health Assembly

Help plan an assembly focused on raising awareness of mental health! Students will learn about the topic and then help plan the assembly content. Be on stage and help spread the word about mental health at Ramsey!

Mental Relaxation Techniques

Students will learn different deal with stress and learn different relaxation techniques used around the world including Yoga, Meditation, etc.

Mexican Food and Fun

Do you like tortillas and Mexican food? Do you like playing bingo? Then you'll love this class. You'll get a chance to make your own tortillas using a tortilla press. As we eat our very own Mexican tacos with freshly-made tortillas, we'll be playing loteria, the Mexican Bingo card game. This will be a great time for you to practice your Spanish as we read out instructions, measurements, and call out LOTERIA!!

Mock Trial

Interested in law? Are courtroom dramas interesting to you? Do you like to argue your point or debate? Come and learn about courtrooms and play a part in a mock trial!

Multicultural Folk Dance

In this class we will explore cultural dances from different countries, cultures and time periods. Students are encouraged to share and teach each other dances they may know from their cultures. In the end, students will work in small groups to create their own dances to present to the class.


For beginners to experts, an opportunity to challenge yourself with paper folding. Traditionally called origami, paper folding helps develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills, and it's fun! You may repeat if you took it last year.

Photography: Composition

Picture this: you see the most amazing sunset in the cornfields, take a photo, and look back it a few days later--with a yawn. What happened? Often our photos work, or don't work, because of the way we composed (or arranged) our photo. In this course, we will learn photographic composition techniques that will captivate our friends, family, and Instagram followers. No fancy cameras needed--your iPad and eyes are perfect!
Bring your iPad!


Where do poems come from? How do you get started writing a poem?
Read poems, write poems, create a chapbook of poetry and hold a class reading!

School Name Nomination Creations

During January, students will be suggesting POSSIBLE new names. This class will make effigies of the top nominations under consideration. An effigy is representation of a specific person in the form of sculpture or some other three-dimensional medium. This course will stretch your artistic creativity! Come join the fun!

Settlers of Catan

Embark on a quest to settle the isle of Catan. Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and cunning development. This fun strategy game will challenge your wit and deal making skills. Students can repeat if they took this class last year.

Sew What?

Want to learn how to make stitches at high speed and sew faster than the human hand? This class is for you. Each student will use sewing machines to create a small project (drawstring backpack, pillow or scarf).

Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Learn how to make a variety of delicious snacks in this interactive class. Impress your friends and family with your new skills!

Snowshoe/winter trekking in Tangletown

You can choose to hike or snowshoe. After some practice, we will venture outside to enjoy the trails by Minnehaha Creek. We will end with hot chocolate by our virtual fireplace.

Swing Dance

Students will learn how to do partnered swing and ballroom dance moves.

Team Sports

Are your competitive juices flowing? This course will have students playing a variety of competitive team sports over a two day period during Intersession.

The Art & Science of Bottle Flipping

Beyond just flipping the bottle, we will learn the chemistry and physics behind this current craze. Maybe we'll add a little engineering as well as a controlled experiment to compare and contrast techniques and bottle types. Finally, we'll perform some challenges and design some art to round out the experience.

The Art of Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is a sweet pie that makes you want to eat more! Learn the tradition of sweet potato pies using a recipe that has been passed down over many generations and loved by many! You will learn about family tradition, as well as make pies to bake at home with your family.

The Great Obstacle

Students will participate in an obstacle course with different levels of difficulty. They will go through it multiple times to compete against their own time and improve their endurance.

Warrior Workout

Is Chuck Norris afraid of your power? Then this class is for you. Perhaps you are just looking for a fun and challenging workout. Delicious snack reward at the end of the workout.


Try your hand at an ancient art form. Woodburning is a time-honored craft that remains popular today. Test out various techniques and tools to create beautiful works of art on wood that you can take home.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Needing a little bit more zen in your life? Then this yoga and wellness class is for you! Throughout this half-day class we will explore the important connections between the well-being of our minds and the well-being of our bodies. Never practiced yoga before? No problem! We will explore various yoga and meditation practices from beginner level to advanced. You will even have a chance to choreograph your own class! Namaste!

Zombie Survival

Students will learn general background about zombie legends and zombies in pop culture. We will discuss survival tactics in the event of a fictional zombie outbreak and design a zombie survival plan.